This program is developed for schools, parents and healthcare professionals who want their pupils, children or clients tested for learning disorders, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and Autism.

Today learning disorder is very common among children due to various reasons.

Learning disorder, academic backwardness and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are the terms widely and interchangeably used by teachers and parents and shockingly half of the cases are misdiagnosed.

It is very essential to screen a child from the age of 6-8 if any of the learning disorder/ADHD/Autism symptoms persists. If the same results on the same tests continues for 2 years, then the child can be diagnosed as LD/ADHD/Autistic depending on the purpose of screening.

And the good news is that these disorders are treatable

How does happy minds help in screening learning disorder, ADHD and Autism?

Happy Minds uses a bouquet of tests to screen learning disorder, ADHD and Autism. Once, the screening is done with the help of psychometric tests, teachers and parents observation a detailed report is made for the children who need further guidance. Sessions and IEPs are planned accordingly with the help of teachers and parents.

For example: For a 6 year child diagnosed with learning disability shows acquisition of skills equivalent to that of age 5, remedial sessions are planned accordingly so that his learning starts from 5 but once he has acquired age appropriate skills, remedial sessions, the child will no longer need age appropriate skills.