This service is designed especially for companies, industrial organizations and management.

Companies are finding it difficult to retain an employee as day by day attrition rates are increasing. In a survey it was found that money, incentives and perks play a less important role in retaining an employee, what matters most is the skill set and talent. If an individual is not given a job as per his/her skills and talent it is likely that the individual will quit. Another reason the individual may quit is too high or too less responsibilities/ expectations on an individual.

How Happy Minds can help you?

During recruitment we can help you understand the potential employee’s aptitude, interest, inclination and for which role the individual is most likely to be fitted through varied tests

How will this program (PR) be helpful to companies and organizations?

It will smoothen the process of recruitment and will prove beneficial for management and HR to take the right decisions at right time and also to implement strategies accordingly. This can also be used when there is a doubt in promotion of employees and will have valid results to answer.