Our Team:

Name: Mrs. Apurva Chandorkar-Joshi

Qualification: Masters in Clinical Psychology (Mumbai University)

Designation: Managing Director & Clinical Psychologist

Apurva has worked extensively in the field of Psychology. She specializes in clinical assessments and has considerable experience in child, adolescent, adult counseling & Psychotherapy. Apurva has extensive experience in conducting workshops and training and has worked with various populations like students, parents, employees, teachers and so forth. She has also worked as a corporate trainer, lecturer and mentor to graduate and post graduate students. She has worked on behavioral issues of children and adolescents and has also worked for children with special needs. As a psychologist, Apurva has written articles on "Dementia" and "Suicide prevention" for DNA. Apurva believes in keeping herself updated and continually upgrading her skills. She is a Certified REBT Professional. In the course of her career, she has also undergone specialized trainings for gifted children, adolescent counseling and behavior therapy. Recently, she has devised an unique program for kids aged 6- 12 years which focuses on using brain power 100 % by using available resources and innate potential.
Contact: 9822023311
Email: apurva@happyminds.net
Info: info@happyminds.net



Name : Ms. Sanjana Munj

Qualification: Masters in Clinical Psychology

Designation: Managing Director

Ms. Sanjana Munj has done her Masters from S.N.D.T (Mumbai ) and has more than 3 years of experience in the field of Psychology. She specializes in clinical assessment and has considerable experience in counseling and Psychotherapy. She specializes in Marital Counseling and Family therapy. Right now she is working on "Long distance relationship" (LDR) counseling. She conducts workshops and trainings for LDR couples on how to spend qualitative time with each other and how to make the relation successful. She has also worked with children and adolescents at individual and group level. She has also screened a movie for awareness on Schizophrenia.

Contact: 9930162516

Email: sanjana@happyminds.net

Info: info@happyminds.net

Name: Ms. Meha Sawant

Qualification: Masters in Clinical Psychology
Designation: Managing Director & Marketing Head
Meha has in- depth understanding of child and adolescent Psychology. She has dealt with behavioral and emotional problems of adolescents. She specializes in the field of addiction counseling, rehabilitation and has worked with clients from all strata of the society. She has successfully conducted workshops and trainings on De-addiction and Suicide prevention. She has also worked with different populations and has offered counseling and Psychotherapy to them. Her interest lies in career guidance and Marketing. She has marketed psychological awareness through films at Chennai Film festival called "Kusume" which focuses on postpartum depression. She has also devised a new program called "Marketing Psychology" wherein she guides individual to understand oneself, their skills and how to market one's skills, abilities, talent and make oneself more presentable.
Contact: 9930162560
Email: meha@happyminds.net
Info: info@happyminds.net