Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) aims to provide a variety of cognitive and behavioural strategies with participants durig their CBT sessions to help them to improve functioning as a primary goal and to reduce levels of fatigue.

The main components of this approach are as follows:

  • Eliciting the participant's own model of illness to establish how they appraise and cope with their situation.

  • Establishing with the participant a shared multifactorial understanding of their illness that takes into account predisposing, precipitating and maintaining factors

  • Using this model as a rationale to implement behavioural, cognitive and lifestyle changes, targeted at reducing the impact of maintaining and predisposing factors.

  • Equipping the participant with a variety of appropriate cognitive, behavioural and problem solving skills so that they can continue to make further progress.

  • Number of sessions:

    Participants will be offered up to fifteen sessions: sessions may be omitted if therapy is going well and the next session is agreed by both therapist and participant to be not necessary. If a participant is unable to attend a session in person for any reason, and the session cannot be re-arranged within five working days, this session may be held over the telephone.

    Duration of sessions:

    The first session will be for 90 minutes, remaining sessions will be for 50 minutes