Career Guidance Program (CGP)

1. 3 tests (Aptitude test, Interest test and Personality test)
2. Seminar (orienting students about the importance of careers, various careers available, current trends, setting goals)
3. Report explanation and Counseling
4. Experts talk

Three tests are as follows:

1. Aptitude test: To understand innate potential
2. Personality test: to understand various traits & characteristics
3. Interest test: To understand a particular career aspiration and create appropriate goals


  • Step 1:
  • 1. Test conduction
    2. Paper pencil test
    3. 2 hours test
    4. An expert (clinical psychologist) will give instructions


  • Step 2:
  • Seminar: Various Career Options & Career Goals


  • Step 3:
  • Individual report and explanation. Counselling of students on one to one basis.


  • Step 4:
  • 1. Expert talk
    2. Helpline number for life time


  • The primary purpose of the Career guidance program is to help students make informed career choices befitting their interests and expectations. This will also relieve parents of confusion by guiding them about the relevant procedures to enrol their wards into courses of their choice

  • Happy Minds focus is on disseminating information on popular careers such as engineering, media and entertainment, information technology, management, animation, healthcare, fashion, beauty, and hospitality and many more

  • It would also help students and parents save on time as all the career related information would be provided under one roof