What is Art Therapy?

  • Art Therapy helps to explore emotions, reduces stress, resolve problems, and conflicts
  • Art Therapy enhances one’s sense of wellbeing in a non-threatening visual and creative way
  • Art making expresses thoughts and feelings which words cannot

  •      Generates self-esteem, self-awareness, empowerment, and personal growth.Images can be revisited to concretely view and experience changes over time. Art expression is active form non-verbal participation.

    What is an art therapy session like?

    Each session is uniquely catered to each individual's needs and goals.
    Sessions are facilitated to have a clear start, middle (or working through) and end (closure) to enable each individual to smoothly transition in and out of the therapeutic environment.
    Psychologists at Happy minds serves as a guide of art making experience, while supporting individuals to verbally express meaning through their art process and final product.
    The focus of each session is on generating and working through the creation of images, which come from one's feelings, thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Each individual makes their own interpretation of their work.

    Who is art therapy for?

    All ages: Children, adolescents, adults, and older persons.
    No art experience necessary