ADVITIYA Program is for exploring unexplored traits within self and making person successful career. Most students in spite having strong Academic background fail to present themselves confidently. Happy Minds believe that every individual has potential to be successful once they have insight into potential. We at Happy Minds guide people to achieve this insight into their persona. Any field you go in soft skills are required. Developing SELF (SWA) and Soft skill are core objective of this program.

Project Rationale

In order to address the above needs Job Readiness Skills becomes essential. As the name suggests, it is aimed at making students/ potential employees ready for the appropriate job. This program is especially designed for Management, Technical (engineering & ITI) and students from 12th STD to graduates.

The proposed project will train the students in following skills:

  • Understanding SWA (Self)
  • Etiquettes and Body Language
  • Leading Towards Goal
  • Team Player
  • Time Mangement
  • Goal Setting and Motivation

  • Methodology:

  • Presentations
  • Interactive Session
  • Activities and Assignment/Projects

  • Our Key Features:

  • Personality Assessment by our expert team of psychologists
  • Personal Attention
  • Consultation and Personal Counselling
  • Certificate of Participation